Arabian Thermal Aire Ind. Co.
Arabian Thermal Aire Ind. Co. ( ATAI )
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ATAI become the leader manufacturer of the air-distribution ductwork, air control, fire resistance, and noise control in HVAC industry and acoustic solution in KSA and ME, backed by nearly 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, with vision supports growth potential. ATAI have one of the largest and fully automated workshops effective support facilities from the Royal Commission provides a strategic location that toward excellence. Since 1981, ATAI located in Jubail lndl city, eastern region of KSA with ready to meet customers' demands in timely manner, with a network to ship directly to job sites across KSA and to regional markets. 

ATAI recognized as the most specified brand for premium quality products in HVAC industry among other competitors. Complying with international standards including SMACNA, ASTM, DW144, AHRI, AMCA, NFPA, ASFP, UL, BS, and ISO.

ATAI products are used in commercial application such as healthcare, education construction, low or high-rise buildings, retail, and hospitality. In addition, ATAI products can be found in industrial application like gas plant, power generation, and transportation. ATAI focuses on customer satisfaction by offering competitive prices, certified products, highest quality and on time delivery driven by using state-of-the-art production equipment and with its experienced workforce quick attained best-in-class levels of quality and productivity. Besides, we work closely with customers to provide them with our expertise in engineering. 

Diversification through innovation and development is a core philosophy and fundamental goal of ATAI. With investments in R&D, talented workforce and the latest automated industrial machinery.